Volunteer For the 30th Season

THANK YOU for your interest in becoming a SDJFF volunteer. We are seeking dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers who want to contribute to the continued success of one of the leading Jewish Film Festivals in the country. By becoming part of the festival team, you will network with other people, see films, and play a valuable role in the festival organization.

SDJFF Volunteers are the ambassadors of our organization. Your friendly service, patience, and smiles will make the festival experience a warm, pleasant and memorable one for all of our guests. Thank you in advance for your invaluable contribution of time, talent, and energy.


Upon completion of the easy application below, you will receive a detailed application form via e-mails so you can indicate the dates, times and locations of your availability and your areas of interest.

Questions / More Information:
Gayle Herrick, (858) 362-1342 or / gayleh@lfjcc.org