"A community is too heavy
for anyone to carry alone."
Deuteronomy Rabbah, 1:10

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Not Like Sheep to the Slaughter: Vengeance or Justice? - Holocaust Workshop with Michael and Bonnie Bart  

Topic: History and Current Issues

Region: Mid-Coastal/Central

Description: European Jews have long been accused of having passively submitted to Nazi persecution in the Second World War. This charge belies the existence of several resistance groups including the “Avengers” of Vilna. Based in the Lithuanian Rudnicki forest, the organization included Leizer and Zenia Bart, the parents of San Diego resident Michael Bart (former Chair of the Community Holocaust Commemoration in San Diego). In the award-winning memoir Until Our Last Breath: A Holocaust Story of Love and Partisan Resistance, which won the prestigious Christopher Award of 2009, Michael recreated his parents’ remarkable experience. A decade later, his wife Bonnie completed the books’ visual companion piece, the eight-part documentary Nekamah Freedom Fighters. The film is based on several journeys to Lithuania, interviews with eye-witnesses, and extensive research in the Visual History Archive of the Shoah Foundation Institute. At this workshop, Michael and Bonnie relate how the double project came about and what this experience means to them. Their talk will be supplemented by an excerpt from the film. Sponsored by Judi Gottschalk

Class Info:  1 meetings  Days: Wednesday  Time: 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm  Mar 14, 2018

Tuition: free and open to the public - refreshments provided

Site: UC San Diego Geisel Library 9500 Gilman Drive La Jolla, CA 92093

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