8:30 A.M. ………………………………Registration and Light Bagel Breakfast
9:15—10:00 A.M. ……………Session #1 Select one class to attend
10:15—11:00 A.M. …………Session #2 Select one class to attend
11:15—12:15 P.M. …………Keynote speakers

Price: $18

All classes will be filled on a first-come basis. Tapestry staff reserves the right to close or cancel a class depending on attendance. For more information, contact Lauren Luedtke at (858) 362-1150.

Complimentary babysitting is no longer available



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1A. Defining Antisemitism – The Challenges Created by Manipulation and Misappropriation | Rick Barton
In this session, Rick will discuss the challenges that shifting definitions of Anti-Semitism bring to the fight against it.

1B. SOLD OUT/CLASS FULL! 1B. Kabbalah 101: All is One | Rabbi Daniel Bortz
Can I really connect to an Infinite Being through eating an orange? Jewish Mysticism came to reveal that every fabric of our reality is Divine energy. In the words of the holy Zohar: "There is no place devoid of Him." In this session, you will uncover a Divine fingerprint behind the simple details in our world and everyday lives.

1C. Shabbat in Hebrew Poetry | Rabbi Ralph Dalin
Shabbat has been celebrated in poetry throughout the ages. Indeed, some Shabbat poetry is love poetry – the love of a people for its most beloved day! You will study a variety of such poems dating from the 12th through 20th centuries. Although many of the poems are in Hebrew, English translations will be utilized and knowledge of Hebrew, while deepening appreciation, is not necessary.

1D. Jewish Mindfulness | Dr. Oded Shezifi
Mindfulness has become a popular practice for raising awareness, decreasing anxiety, and regulating feelings. Join this session and Explore how mindfulness is embedded in ancient Jewish texts, traditions, and rituals.

1E. Jewish Numerology | Rabbi Baruch Ezagui
The perfect culinary creation hinges on both precise measurements and creative exploration.  The numeric values of the Hebrew aleph-bet can reveal a fascinating world in Jewish thought, but must be used with wisdom and caution. Enjoy this overview of the purpose of methodology and “gematria”.

1F. The Forgotten | Sarah Hanuka
This session will explore the ways that we can help those who need us but seldom ask for help. Who are the people that we are forgetting and what is our responsibility once we identify them and remember them? How can we help our community and what does the Torah say about that?
1G. SOLD OUT/CLASS FULL! 1G. Unorthodox Jewish Art – Graphic Novels and Folk Art | Jane Lazerow
What is the point of combining words and pictures?  Why aren’t words or pictures enough on their own?  The creation of Jewish biblical and historical stories in comic book form provides a new way of seeing and understanding these subjects. We will look at R. Crumb’s The Book of Genesis Illustrated, and Maus by Art Spiegelman to compare how the cartoon drawing sheds a new light on familiar stories.

1H. SOLD OUT/CLASS FULL! Putting “Jewish” Into Meditation Practice | Rhonda Mason
In this workshop you will learn the unique Jewish meditation techniques that are rooted in Kabbalah. We’ll utilize ancient techniques that are now being researched and proven to promote health as well as spiritual connection. You will learn specific Jewish meditation practices that you can use on a daily basis.

1I. All About Pumpkin | Chef Jeff Rossman
Join this session and learn how to make Chef Jeff’s famous pumpkin ravioli, pumpkin gnocchi and end the session with pumpkin crème brulee.  There will be industry tips and secrets and cheats from a restaurant kitchen, all to teach you how to make it easier at home.

1J. Jewish Journeys: An open-ended quest for Truth and Meaning: the Other Jew | Gedalyahu Wittow
Gedalyahu was born and raised in the ultra-orthodox community in Jerusalem and later on during his Yeshiva studies decided to leave his community, join the IDF, volunteered in Nepal and is pursuing an academic career in philosophy.  He will share with you some elements of his journey and discuss the role, place and community and belonging of those who turn from observance to secularism.



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2A. SOLD OUT/CLASS FULL! 2A. Sheva – Seven Jewish Lenses | Betzy Lynch, Fran Forman, and Kathy Shuman
The Jewish lenses speak to a way of seeing, thinking and acting. Their integration informs and impacts one’s experience as a member of the Jewish community and the world. Join this fascinating, interactive and whirlwind workshop which will explore seven Jewish lenses and how they influence our own lives, looking at them from a personal and contemporary perspective.

2B. The Art of Prayer | Todd Salovey
When an actor performs Shakespeare, he has to take ancient unfamiliar words and speak them with passion and meaning. And if his show is a hit, he has to repeat them daily for months and keep them fresh and alive. Doesn’t this sound a lot like the challenges of Jewish prayer? Todd will lead an interactive workshop in which acting techniques are the basis for more soulful, meaningful and purposeful prayer.

2C. Reigniting the Embers of Western European Jewry in the Face of Neo-Antisemitism | Anastassia “Nastia” Pletoukhina
Anastassia didn’t know she was Jewish until her family moved to Germany when she was 12. Between the lingering fear of her parents to show any public Jewish affiliation, to the heavy media scrutiny in Germany, Nastia was determined to make a change and bring Jewish pride back to the next generation. Discover one girl’s journey to Judaism, and learn about the revitalization of Western European Jewry in the face of growing Anti-Semitism.

2D. Jewish Mindfulness | Dr. Oded Shezifi
Mindfulness has become a popular practice for raising awareness, decreasing anxiety, and regulating feelings. Join this session and Explore how mindfulness is embedded in ancient Jewish texts, traditions, and rituals.

2E. Seems a Bit Personal…Can You Really Learn Torah from THAT? | Rabbi Samuel Seid
Using a rather strange and even risqué example from our tradition, we will explore how any question can be a “Jewish question.” Torah offers the opportunity to learn about virtually anything and, in turn, can provide avenues for greater depth and relationship with our emotional, spiritual, and even bodily experiences.

2F. SOLD OUT/CLASS FULL! 2F. Drumming Gratitude Into Our Lives | Galit Shezifi
Research has shown that recreational music-making boosts mood regulation and improves the quality of life. In this workshop, we will use a variety of percussion and drums to explore Gratitude (Hakarat HaTov). We will create a joyous, enriching drumming experience to increase personal well-being. No previous experience in drumming is necessary. All instruments will be provided by the instructor.

2G. SOLD OUT/CLASS FULL! 2G. The Spiritual Concepts of the Jewish Calendar | Rabbi Ron Shulman
In this session, you will study a bit of Torah and philosophy as you come to discover the spiritual ideas and personal values built into the Jewish calendar celebrations of Shabbat and holidays.

2H. Freud and Jewish Identity | Eliza Slavet
What makes you Jewish (or not)? And what does Freud have to do with it? Throughout this session, you will learn the answer involves memory and its rivals: heredity, history, and fantasy.   

2I. Degenerate Art: The Art that was Rejected by the Nazi Regime | Guri Stark
In this session we’ll cover the cultural and artistic renaissance in Berlin before the Nazis came to power – Thomas Mann, Bertold Brecht, Cabaret Theater, Marlene Dietrich, Bauhaus – and the development of Impressionism, Expressionism, Modernism and New Objectivity art styles, including a discussion of the obsession the Nazis had with modern art and culture.

2J. CANCELED The History of Maccabi Israel As An Organization| Guy Sela
In this workshop, Guy will discuss the Maccabi Organization in Israel and around the globe. He will also focus on the Maccabi Games and show the connection between the organization and the Jewish communities around the world, including his role in the upcoming Maccabi Experience at the LFJCC.



11:15 A.M. Keynote Speakers: Chaya Gilboa and Marik Shtern, with Charlene Seidel as moderator

Jerusalem. Just the word evokes emotion, images, and passions. For thousands of years, it had been fought over, worshipped, cried for, inspired and idealized. But as much as it is a symbol, Jerusalem is very much a living, breathing city where residents drop their children off at school, go to the grocery store and work and live together. Jerusalem is the most diverse city in Israel where no one sector is a majority. This means everyone somehow belongs and yet everyone is excluded at least somewhere. In this dynamic presentation and conversation, the worlds of academia, civil society, social entrepreneurship, on the ground activism and philanthropy come together to discuss how belonging, sharing and identity drive and inspire the various individuals and groups that call Jerusalem home.