Links for Educators

General Jewish Links

Virtual Jewish Library: Excellent resource for all things Jewish and Israel.

Frequently Asked Questions: Common questions asked about Judaism.

Jewish Links: Links to everything Jewish

Maven: Jewish Web Directory and Search Engine.

Online Encyclopedia of Judaism: Everything you need to know about Judaism.

Shamash: The Jewish Network of excellent Jewish web resources.

Special Needs

LD OnLine: Informative site about learning disabilities, filled with articles, news, research, ideas for teachers

Special Education: Large collection of articles about special education.

Great Schools: A Parents' Guide to Helping Kids with Learning Difficulties


About Judaism: A well-researched and annotated list of recommended websites on a variety of Jewish topics.

Akhlah: Children's learning network, with special interest for teachers.

Being Jewish Web Site: The "whys" of Judaism - every question about Judaism already has an answer.

Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life: Jewish source material and programs related to the environment.

Educational Resource Center of the Board of Jewish Education of Greater New York: This site features trip ideas, literature, lessons, spotlights American Jewish communities, and an opportunity to share lessons and ideas with other educators.

G-Dcast: Online video clips of cartoons based on the weekly Torah portion.

Hebrew for ME: Online games and click-and-print handouts for teaching Hebrew.

Jewish Currents Events-Carpool Curriculum: Explanations of the weekly Torah portions for families.

The Jewish Magazine: Magazine of Various Jewish Interests.

Jewish Books: Reference site for Jewish books.

Jewish New Year: Chabad website, with comprehensive information about Jewish festivals

Judaism 101 Judaism 101 is an online encyclopedia of Judaism, covering Jewish beliefs, people, places, things, language, scripture, holidays, practices and customs.

Torah Tots: Lots of cartoons, on a great Jewish site for young chldren.

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AIPAC The American Israel Public Affairs Committee
Embassy of Israel This site is designed for children to experience Israel's history and culture in a simple, fun and educational format. Srulik, an Israeli cartoon character, hosts the site and you explore Israel together.
Birthright Israel Birthright Israel program and information.
Israel Center, LLC The official site of the Israel Center, LLC in San Diego, CA.
Everything Israel Everything you wanted to know about Israel.
Eye on Israel A very cool map of Israel that can be manipulated by the user.
Institute for the Study of Modern Israel of Emory University This site is part of the ISMI department at Emory University which promotes teaching, research and learning that focuses on Israeli culture, foreign policy, history, society, and politics. The “Teaching Aids” section includes websites, newsletters and primary source materials.
Israel21c-The Reality of Daily Life in Israel Israel 21c is a non-profit educational foundation with a mission to focus media and public attention on the 21st century Israel that exists beyond the conflict. The website contains videos of news briefs which focus on how Israel and Israelis are having an impact on individual lives through their efforts in health, technology, culture and democracy.
Israel Defense Force The official site of the Israeli Defense Force.
Israel Education Month This website includes information about resource and program offerings usable by Jewish federations, educational institutions, synagogues, community centers and individuals to increase their knowldege of and connection to Israel.
Israel Embassy in Washington DC This site can provide you with brochures, maps, videos, posters and other educational materials. Fun Israel web site for kids (Kids page). To request publications, visit this site, email or call (202) 364-5542.
Israel Experience This site is a complete guide to the Israel experience with a full listing of teen and college programs.
Israel Images Israel images and photgraphs.
Israel Insider A compilation of news and articles from several of Israel's leading newspapers.
Israel Insider News Magazine Israel Magazine.
Israel Maps This site can provide you with virual maps of Israel.
Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs Comprehensive Israel resource guide
Israel Ministry of Tourism Israel's official North American Tourism web site! Excellent source for helping to plan a trip to Israel. Includes a virtual walking tour of the old city of Jerusalem.
Israel Museums Current and comprehensive lists of all the museums in Israel by geographic location.
Jewish Agency for Israel The global Jewish partnership with Israel at its heart, is the organization that makes the priorities of Jews from around the world come alive.
Jewish National Fund The official web site of the JNF.
Kol Israel Website that is a link to 150 different newspaper and magazine sites.
Makom-Educational Resources North American Jewish communities and the Jewish Agency began a partnership now called MAKOM – the Israel Engagement Network.
Online Hebrew Tutorial Hebrew Online
Shop in Israel Provides the opportunity to shop in Israel from virtually anywhere in the world.
Temple in Virtual Reality An animation showing the Jewish Temple of Jerusalem in all its glory. Visit the Har Habayit (Temple Mount) with the rebuilt Beit HaMikdash - at least in a virtual sense. Walk up the great stairs and enter the massive courtyard.
The Knesset The official site of Israel's parliament.
Virtual Jerusalem Features a wide range of information relating to Israel and the Jewish world. VJ offers resources for news, travel, weekly Torah messages and lots more.
Zionism & Israel Center An advocacy website for Israel which includes maps, a timeline, and biographies of famous Zionist leaders such as: Hannah Senesh, Theodor Herzl and Benjamin Netanyahu.

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Jewish History

JewishGen The home of Jewish Geneology.
Jewish History The History of the Jewish People, by Eli Birnbaum, is published online by the Jewish Agency for Israel.  It begins in 69 CE and runs through the 1040's and establishment of the State of Israel.
Jewishnet Global Information Jewish Network.
Jewish Culture and History Assorted Museums and documents.
American Jewish Historical Society Foster awareness and appreciation of the American Jewish past and to serve as a national scholarly resource.
Center for Jewish History New York based center for Jewish history.

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Facing History and Ourselves Facing History helps classrooms and communities worldwide link the past to moral choices today.
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Official Site of the Washington Museum.
The Nizkor Project

This site provides an extensive amount of information and links on Holocaust research guides, special features, people A to Z, the Holocaust camps, the Nuremberg Trials, Holocaust denial and more.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center This international Jewish human rights organization preserves the memory of the Holocaust and tackles important current issues such as racism and anti-Semitism.
Cybrary of the Holocaust Check the Cybrary out for art, discussions, forums, research, photos, poems, and facts relating to the Holocaust.
Yad Vashem This site provides Holocaust education, lesson plans and resource center.

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News and Information

Arutz7 Israel's only independent national radio station providing politically conservative programming with a traditional Jewish-Zionist orientation.
Haaretz A popular newspaper for the Israeli public, translates many of its articles into English.
Jewish Heritage Online Magazine Monthly Magazine
The Jerusalem Post Is Israel's daily newspaper for English speakers.
The Jerusalem Report The Jewish world's leading news magazine.
The Jewish Week New York's Jewish Weekly.
Israel Line News from the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  Daily News Alerts available.
Jewish Telegraphic Agency Global News Service of the Jewish People.
San Diego Jewish Journal San Diego's monthly Jewish magazine.
San Diego Jewish World San Diego's Jewish online e-news.

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Educational Organizations

ADL Curriculum Connections Anti-bias lesson plans and resources for K-12 educators.
Aish HaTorah Site with many explanations about Jewish life and ritual.
American Jewish University The official website of the American Jewish University.
American Technion Society The leading American organization promoting education in science and technology as well as scientific innovation and entrepreneurship in Israel through support of the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology.
Amit AMIT stands for "Americans for Israel and Torah." Founded in 1925, AMIT has a proud history of service to Israel and the Jewish people. AMIT in Hebrew is an acronym for "Irgun Mitnadvot l'ma'an Yisrael v'Torata" (Organization of Volunteers for Israel and her Torah). AMIT is Religious Zionist Education Newtwork.
ARE Publishing Great Jewish publications.
Areyvut Areyvut's mission is to strengthen each school's commitment to chesed , tzedakah , and tikkun olam , thereby enriching the experience of every Jewish student's education.
Atid Academy for Initiatives and Directions in Jewish education.
Babaganewz A magazine aimed at elementary school kids with a focus on news of Jewish interest, religious holidays and cultural events, etc.
Behrman House The “Educators” section contains the following links to educator resources: “In the Classroom” has tools for educators to plan courses, prepare lessons, enrich instruction, and involve families in the religious school program; “Principal’s Co-Op” has programs and practices from Jewish schools across the country; “Open Lion” has past issues of the Behrman House newsletter and “Podcasts” with authors of Behrman House resources.
Bible-Quiz The, free, online Bible Quiz contains more than 3,000
multiple choice questions about the 5 books of Moses.
Choose a chapter and timer setting, then the fun begins.  The quiz, randomly, selects questions from its database, thus no two quizes are alike. There is, also, a database browser for reviewing and printing the Questions with the correct Answers. Adults, as well as children will find the quiz entertaining and very educational.
Board of Education of Greater New York Offers a wide range of educational enrichment opportunities.
CAJE The coalition for the advancement of Jewish education, CAJE, maintains an excellent curriculum bank.
New CAJE Re-Imagining Jewish Education for the 21st Century.
Center for Jewish History

This website contains web exhibitions from the following five Jewish institutions dedicated to history, culture, and art:
-The American Jewish Historical Society
-The American Sephardi Federation
-The Leo Baeck Institute
-Yeshiva University Museum
-The YIVO Institute for Jewish Research An online tool that enables Jewish educators to share resources. Educators upload their lesson plans and activities. Users must register and create an account in order to upload or download lesson plans. There are different sections for grade levels. Also, a teacher’s forum is available for communication amongst educators.

Davka Corporation

Jewish Computer Software Company

Jewish Education and Entertainment

Jewish Education and Entertainment web site includes: My Hebrew Dictionary, My Hebrew Picture Dictionary, Hebrew Sign Maker, Israel Geography Game, Jewish Wisdom Database and more.

Hebrew College Offers academic courses and degrees for Jewish educators.
Hebrew University of Jerusalem The official site of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.
Hillel The International website of Hillel, the Foundation for Jewish campus life.
Jewish Holiday Website Links Jacob Richman has created a myriad of links to educational materials about the Jewish holidays
Jewish Education Service of North America (JESNA)

JESNA works to promote excellence in Jewish education by focusing on six key areas: day school quality and affordability; congregational and communal education; Jewish youth; recruiting and developing Jewish educators; using media and technology; and utilizing research and evaluation.

Jewish Interactive Studies

Jewish Interactive Studies (JIS) seeks to provide accessible Jewish education to Jewish adults of all educational and religious backgrounds. JIS will use the Internet for offering structured online courses that are based on study of classical Jewish texts.

Jewish Theological Seminary
The official site of the Jewish Theological Seminary of the Conservative Movement.
Jewish Lens The Jewish Lens is a curriculum for middle and high school students. The learning program uses the work of photographer Zion Ozeri to explore diverse Jewish communities and their traditions. Students then focus on their own communities - documenting their communal values on film and curating on-site exhibits of their work. The project culminates with an exhibition that ties together the work of students from all participating schools. For educators and students, the website provides links to the sites of world Jewish communities, American history, the Talmud, Jews and photography and photography for social change.
Jewish Women’s Archives An extensive collection of material on the history of American Jewish women. Teachers will find the section Go & Learn useful It has primary documents and lesson plans. Also, the website contains an encyclopedia of famous Jewish women. There are multimedia exhibits with lesson plans as well.
Jewish Partisans Educational Foundation-Curriculum The Jewish Partisans Educational Foundation curriculum RESIST for 6th – 12th grade students is divided into the four main subject areas: history, values, leadership and heroes.
Jewish Literacy Exhibit by Jeffrey Spitzer Hebrew terms, with transliteration and the definitions. A good site to quickly look up Hebrew phrases and words related to Jewish life.
Judaic Arts Kits Offers a broad spectrum of hands-on artistic activities, workshops etc. for schools and organizations.
Kinnor Software Trope trainer for teachers and students.
Lookstein The Virtual Resource Center aims to meet the needs of Jewish educators by making available curricular materials and by facilitating interaction between Jewish educators. - Judaism 101 Judaism101 is a new tool offering high school students assistance with questions on Judaism, Parsha, Talmud, or personal issues, as well as social activities and updates. The venue is is non confrontational, so students will feel
comfortable asking anything on their minds.
Morim Morim is a resource center with many programs and activities for community professionals.
My Jewish The personal gateway to Jewish exploration.
National Jewish Coalition for Literacy TheNational Jewish Coalition for Literacy's mission is to bring the skills and the concerns of America's Jews to bear on the scandal of illiteracy by effecting a dramatic increase in the organized Jewish community's involvement in the fight against illiteracy and in the number of Jews involved in that fight.
National Yiddish Book Center The National Yiddish Book Center is a vibrant, non-profit organization working to rescue Yiddish and other modern Jewish books and celebrate the culture they contain.
Orthodox Union Orthodx Union of Judaism official website
Partners in Torah Jewishly motivated adults are paired up with their own personal telephone “mentor”, to study any topic in Judaism of mutual interest.
Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association The Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association (RRA), established in 1974, is the professional association of Reconstructionist Rabbis.
Reform Judaism A website with general information about Reform Judaism and the Reform movement in North America.
Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies, Inc. is a non-profit organization that is engaged in a significant educational revolution in Israel and Europe.
Smart Board Jewish Educational Database A database of SMART Board lessons submitted by Jewish educators throughout the world. In this site, lessons can be downloaded through a search or by browsing the various lesson subjects and topics. Lessons can be submitted as well. Each lesson will be reviewed and then posted. A selection of Useful Links and Library of SMART Board resources is also available.
Torah 4 Kids A multimedia approach to teaching parsha all year long.
The Joseph B. Solovetchik Institute Teaching Fellowships and materials.
Teva Learning Center The Teva Learning Center, North America's foremost Jewish Environmental Education Institute, is a non-denominational educational service for participants from throughout the Jewish community. Working with Jewish Day Schools, Congregational Schools, synagogues, camps and youth groups, Teva's programs touch the lives of 6,000 participants annually.
Thirteen/WNET A website to help teachers create media-rich Teaching Heritage lessons quickly and effectively using an interactive atlas and timeline, multimedia presentations, and an encyclopedia of Jewish History.
Union of Reform Judaism The Union of Refom Judaism, the central body of the Reform Movement in North America.
United Jewish Federation of San Diego The United Jewish Federation is dedicated to building a vibrant and inclusive local Jewish community. It is where philanthropy, volunteerism and shared commitment come together to make a difference.
Wexner Heritage Foundation The purpose of the Wexner Heritage Foundation is to educate Jewish communal leaders in the history, thought, traditions and contemporary challenges of the Jewish people.
World Union of Jewish Students The official website of the World Union of Jewish Students, based in Israel.
YIVO Institute for Jewish Research YIVO safeguards the history of East European Jewry in its archives and library.