Rabbi Baruch Ezagui

Rabbi Baruch Shalom Ezagui, is the Director of Chabad Lubavitch of La Jolla, San Diego County, California. He was born in Montreal, Canada. He studied at various colleges and schools in Canada, England, New York, Michigan and Australia. Rabbi Ezagui’s grandfather left Morocco in the early 50s and moved to Canada. Being the most knowledgeable in Judaic practices and Torah reading, he became the figurehead for the Middle Eastern Sephardic Jewish community there and took the responsibility very seriously. After he passed on, Rabbi Ezagui’s father, who also was never officially ordained as a rabbi but saw the need to fill this position, took over where his father left off so as not to leave a void in community leadership. Rabbi Ezagui grew up in that environment, being taught that service of others is the best service of self.