JCompany Youth Theatre's ON THE TOWN Ambassadors



ON THE TOWN is JCompany's traveling performance group, comprised of talented young artists from all over San Diego County, who will sing and dance their way into your heart! These young artists not only serve as ambassadors of JCompany Youth Theatre at public appearances, but they also reach out to give positive entertainment to charitable organizations, underprivileged youth, the elderly and others.

This talented ensemble brings their artistry to the greater community while learning to work together with respect, integrity and professionalism, nurturing and encouraging each other personally as well as artistically.

JCompany ON THE TOWN is one of San Diego's most sought-after groups and performs at many high-end events including the San Diego Symphony Summer POPS, Cox Arena, Broadway/San Diego, La Jolla Playhouse, Disneyland and many more.

To book JCompany's ON THE TOWN Ambassadors at your event, contact Joey Landwehr: 858.362.1341 or joeyl@lfjcc.org

2018-2019 ON THE TOWN Ambassadors

Kai Bengston, Marc Berger, Ella Caidar, Maya Caidar, Natalie Chowaiki, Jordy Chowaiki, Shelly Covalin, Nathan Conlan, Hayden Crocker, Brendan Dallaire, Katie Ditter, Caroline Egler, Elizabeth Gelber, Marina Hall, Brayden Handwerger, Ben Jimenez, Collin Katz, David Landis, Jackson Lawrence, Emily Jane Lee, Hadarya Levy, Luke Lima, Colleen Lyons, Kelsey Lyons, Alex Meeder, Jenny Mota, Neelu Nemati, Jamee Newman, Macie Parker, Jadyn Ponder, Arielle Powell, Alexa Price, Mark Rifkin, Nika Sadr, Kourosh Sadr, Natasha Segui, Carolyn Sutton, Brody Testa, Lindsay VanWinkle, Kayla Venger, Lexi Worms, Caroline Yao  


ON THE TOWN Knott's Berry Farm Performance - March, 2018

On The Town 18-19

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