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September 14 - November 23, 2016

Revisiting Shabbat

Jews observe Shabbat in many ways including going to synagogue, cooking a activity and reflecting on life outside of their daily routines. The exhibit, Revisiting Shabbat, features contemporary depictions of Shabbat through the works of several San Diego artists in a wide variety of mediums and interpretations.

Open Daily 9 am - 5 pm, Closed Saturday

Previous Exhibits

March 9 - May 25, 2016

Israel in Light and Shadow

This art exhibition featured the photographic work of Carole Glauber along with several local San Diego photographic artists. The theme of the show spoke to the complexities of the Israeli landscape: images that reveal both the ordinary and the extraordinary, the animate and the inanimate, the observed and the hidden.

December 8, 2015 - February 24, 2016

Things We Pass Down

Things We Pass Down is an exploration of what we, through our Jewish tradition, pass down to our children, accept from our parents, and may even try to reject. As a rule, Dor L’Dor, from generation to generation, has always been a guiding force for the Jewish people. So what is it that we want to pass down to our children so that this continuous chain is not broken, so that the continuity of our Jewish lives lives on in our children, grandchildren and generations to come?

This “passing down” can take many forms: customs, specific family traditions, superstitions, tangible items, and intangible ideas just to name a few. This show allows each artist to contemplate what has been passed down or what will be passed down, and make a greater connection to that material or concept.

Featured Artists: Deborah Amerling, Erica Berent, Sandra Berlin-Kroll, Dennis Ellman, Sari Esserman, Jacqueline Jacobs, Ronnie Jolles, Joshua Krause, Jane Lazerow, Judy Mandel, Orna McCann, Madeline Sherry, Judith Shufro, Lenore Simon

September 9 - November 25, 2015

From Desert to Desert II: Israeli Artists in Southern California

Israeli-born artists living and working on our coast are showcased in this "multi-medium" exhibit. Featured artists include: Atara Baker, Shoshana Ernst, Tal Ernst, Dorit Shaitrit, Ilanit Shalev, Sigalit Sherman, and Guri Stark, among others.