Gotthelf Art Gallery 2001-2002 Season


Taking A Stand

July 26-August 31, 2001

Taking A Stand: multi-media installation by local artist Viviana Lombrozo.


Farvos (why?)

October 1-November 3, 2001

Farvos (why?): segments from four installations by Bay Area artist Sharon Siskin.


Women of the Book

November 15-December 20, 2001

Women of the Book: national tour of book-art by 87 artists, with half of the collection exhibited at the Athenaeum Music & Library, La Jolla, November 15,-December 20.


We Collect

February 29-March 31, 2002

We Collect:  art from 25 local collectors curated by Leah Ollman.


Art 2002-12 Regional Artists

April 14-21, 2002

Art 2002-12 Regional Artists: paintings by artists from the Shaar Ha’Negev, presented in association with UJF of San Diego.



April 24-May 10, 2002

Connections/Reflections: multi-media exhibition by local artist/La Jolla Country Day Schoolteacher, Ann Chaitin, and, PA artist Carol Cole, shown with +“Reflections On Intolerance” student show.