Gotthelf Art Gallery 2000-2001 Season


Avoda: Objects of the Spirit

April 2-June 30, 2000

Avoda: Objects of the Spirit: object d’art by Tobi Kahn, April 2-June 30, the 1999-2000 season opening.


Kaddish and Alphabets

August 24-October 31, 20010

Kaddish and Alphabets: paintings by Jane Logemann.


French Children of the Holocaust

November 17-December 20, 2000

French Children of the Holocaust: photos and narrative from the Klarsfeld Memorial Exhibition, November 17-December 20, presented with the SDCJC Library and Book Fair.



January 11-February 28, 2001

Lumber: paintings by Russell Forester.


Ken L’Tzipor (Nest of the Bird)

April 19-29, 2001

Ken L’Tzipor (Nest of the Bird): paintings by Israeli guest artist, Shosh Segev, presented in association with UJF of San Diego.