Contact the Center for Jewish Culture

Betzy Lynch, Chief Executive Officer
(858) 362-1107

Ana Kozlowski, Chief Operating Officer
(858) 362-1110
Katharine Wardle, Chief Financial Officer
(858) 362-1143

David Geffen, CJC Board Chair
Todd Allen, Vice Chair/Treasurer
Monica Handler Penner, Board Secretary
Seth Krosner, Immediate Past Board Chair
Phillip Ginsburg, JCC Board Chair

Full list of CJC Board
To get in touch with any board member, contact: 
Shannon Merrill, CJC Executive Office and Event Coordinator
(858) 362-1347

Lenore Bohm, Interim Director of Adult Jewish Education
(858) 362-1327
Danielle Cohen, Festivals Administrative Coordinator
(858) 362-1330
Brian Garrick, Director of Cultural Arts Programs & Festivals
(858) 362-1128
Krystle Hart, JCompany Managing Director
(858) 362-1155
Joey Landwehr, JCompany Artistic Director
(858) 362-1341
Shannon Merrill, CJC Executive Office & Event Coordinator
(858) 362-1347
Paul Parietti, Curator, Film Festival Manager
(858) 362-1344
Jodi Rudick, Manager of Publicity and Programs
(858) 362-1351



Lawrence Family Jewish Community Center, the parent organization of the Center for Jewish Culture, is an organization with strong values of responsibility and integrity. Our written standards and policies contain general guidelines for conducting business with the highest standards of ethics. Lawrence Family Jewish Community Center is committed to an environment where open, honest communications are the expectation, not the exception. We want you to feel comfortable in approaching management in instances where you believe violations of policies or standards have occurred. In situations where you prefer to place an anonymous report in confidence, you are encouraged to use this whistleblower hotline, hosted by a third party provider, EthicsPoint.

You are encouraged to submit a report relating to violations stated in our written standards and policies, as well as asking for guidance related to policies and procedure and providing positive suggestions and stories. The information you provide will be sent to us by EthicsPoint on a totally confidential and anonymous basis if you should choose. You have our guarantee that your comments will be heard. 

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