Jury Winners

Best Short Film
The Transfer

Best Narrative
Tzeva Adom: Color Red

Best Documentary (Tie)
Stitchers: Tapestry of Spirit
116 Cameras

Best Director
Facing the Wall, Alamork Davidian

Special Jury Award (Tie)
Chika, Dog in the Ghetto

The Final Show


Monday, February 12, 2018

The LOT La Jolla

7611 Fay Ave 
La Jolla, CA 92037


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A patient in a psychiatric hospital falls in love with a bird and tries to convince his therapist that this is not merely a friend but is, in fact, “The One.”
Director: Shai Itzhar
Narrative | 22 mins | Israel | 2017 | Hebrew | Subtitled

Maydeleh and the Prisoner
Arie is a child survivor of the Holocaust, now in his 80s. Haruka is a Japanese single mother and Arie’s live- in caregiver. Their story reveals the compassion and empathy that can develop between strangers.
Director: Maya Ben Yair
Narrative | 27 mins | Israel | 2017 | English

A Platinum Reel Award winner at the 2017 Nevada Film Festival, Clasico delves into the relationship between two brothers whose trip to Barcelona goes awry, leading to shocking revelations and fateful decisions.
Director: Eli Korn
Narrative | 18 mins | Israel | 2017 | Hebrew | Subtitled

The Sisters Tolchinski
Ordinary women who’ve lived extraordinary lives are the stars of this short documentary. Four sisters, ages 86-101, teach us how to live long, keep our minds intact and our spirits soaring. 
Director: Anna Maguire 
Documentary | 23 mins | Canada | 2017 | English

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Chika, the Dog from the Ghetto

In WWII, Jews were forbidden to keep pets, but a young boy refuses. The story centers on growing up, as the boy must make hard choices around his love for his pet and the safety of his family and friends.
Director: Sandra Schiessl
Animation | 17 mins | German | 2017 | German | Subtitled

A Voice From Mauthausen
A Voice From Mauthausen is based on the incredible life of Lt. Cmdr. Jack Taylor, USNR: a POW of the Nazis, who narrowly escaped a death sentence, and went on to help develop the first Navy SEAL tactics and equipment.
Director: Luigi Sperduti
Narrative | 21 mins | USA | 2017 | English

Stitchers: Tapestry of Spirit
Her goal was ambitious: create the entire Torah—in needlepoint. With the help of over 1,000 people in almost 20 countries, each stitching a portion, she gets ever closer to creating an artwork that will inspire forever.
Director: Tassie Notar
Documentary | 16 mins | Canada | 2017 | English

Facing The Wall
Winner of the Best Independent Short at the 2016 Jerusalem Film Festival, this film shares the life of a young girl who arrived in Israel from Ethiopia and is finding it hard to cope with her new reality.
Director: Alamork Davidian
Narrative | 26 mins | Israel | 2017 | Hebrew | Subtitled

Russet Season
An offbeat short in which a young woman needs to rearrange her life—i.e., her love life. Surprisingly, her grandfather’s rambling recollection of a day at a fruit stand points her in the right direction.
Director: Sheila McCarthy
Narrative | 10 mins | Canada | 2017 | English

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An Old Score
In 1950s Tel Aviv, a police detective interrogating a man rumored to have been an extremely cruel kapo—a Jew who assisted the Nazis during the Holocaust—ends up questioning his own mission and motives.
Director: Naor Meningher
Narrative | 20 mins | Israel | 2017 | Hebrew | Subtitled

Acheinu (Our Brothers)
This poignant, intense film depicts a conversation between an IDF soldier and an Orthodox man, a conversation which gets heated and soon inspires a journey of self-discovery neither ever imagined.
Director: Misha Zubarev
Narrative | 5 mins | Israel | 2017 | Hebrew | Subtitled

Where Is Your God?
Some of the best examples of ancient Jewish poetry are in the Psalms. Through original poetry, animations and music, two artists adapt their perspective of one of them— Psalm 42, which asks, “Where is your God?”
Director: Jeremy Shuback
Animation | 3 mins | USA | 2017 | English

Life Through a Lens
The film follows Robert’s journey with adult polyglucosan body disease (APBD) and empowers those living with debilitating diseases, helping them harness optimism and the possibilities life offers.
Director: Jeffrey Levenson, Ronete Levenson
Documentary | 12 mins | USA | 2017 | English

Focused on the ritual of Shemira, we bear witness as a survivor shepherds the love of his life from this world to the next. An intimate and transcendent short that explores love, life and the everlasting.
Director: Adam Wells
Narrative | 22 mins | UK | 2017 | English

Daniel, an ultra-orthodox Jew, hasn’t seen his identical twin brother Mordechai in years. Mordechai’s ‘life choices’ were a bit too much for the family to handle, but the twins reunite under extreme circumstances when they must come to terms with family, faith and the roles they play at their father’s funeral.
Director: Benjamin Bee
Narrative | 14 mins | UK | 2017 | English, Yiddish

The Final Show
A woman who has lived a long life, full of love and loss, has to decide based on all she has learned, who to take along with her to eternity.
Director: Dana Nachman
Narrative | 10 mins | USA | 2017 | English 


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The Transfer
In this award-winning short, an Israeli commissioned officer changes his moral compass after a conflict arises during a prison transfer, making “the transfer” in question both literal and figurative.
Director: Michael Grudsky
Narrative | 23 mins | Germany | 2017 | Hebrew | Subtitled

SUGIHARA SURVIVORS: Jewish and Japanese, Past and Future
Often called “Japan’s Oskar Schindler,” Chiune Sugihara was a Japanese diplomat who saved 6,000 lives from Nazi persecution. This fascinating film challenges perceptions about the Japanese in wartime.
Director: Junichi Kajioka
Documentary | 25 mins | UK | 2017 | English, Japanese | Subtitled

116 Cameras
As the Holocaust survivor population ages, the day is near when in-person testimony will no longer be possible. 116 Cameras follows a Holocaust survivor as her story is transformed and preserved as an interactive hologram.
Director: Davina Pardo
Documentary | 15 mins | USA | 2017 | English

Tzeva Adom: Color Red
When a YouTube video of an altercation between a female Israeli soldier and a Palestinian boy goes viral online, the two make an unlikely connection over social media, as they try to communicate the truth of what really happened that day.
Director: Michael Horwitz
Narrative | 24 mins | USA | 2017 | Hebrew, Arabic | Subtitled

Killing the Fiddler
It’s a ghost story, it’s a love story, it’s a fun story. Minutes before Adam, a Jewish man, is to marry a non-Jewish woman, photographs of his ancestors come to life to prevent this "unholy" matrimony.
Director: Barak D. Barkan
Narrative | 8 mins | UK | 2017 | English