26th Annual San Diego Jewish Film Festival

Please join us February 4 - 14, 2015

26th Annual San Diego Jewish Film Festival
Mid-Season Screening Event - October 28, 2015, 7:00 p.m.

Very Semi-Serious

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This highly entertaining behind-the-scenes documentary look at the world of The New Yorker's cartoons and cartoonists vividly brings to life a beloved part of the magazine.

Bob Mankoff, the magazine's sagacious cartoon editor is our guide, and Bay Area filmmaker Leah Wolchok wisely waited for years to secure his participation. A self-described "humorologist" and creator of one of The New Yorker’s most popular cartoons of all times (“How about never—is never good for you?”), Mankoff offers lively insight into the magazine's history and its evolving role in the perpetuation of single-panel humor. He also provides revealing access to his weekly pitch meetings with cartoonists in which established names and aspiring young artists present their work.

Featuring perceptive interviews with established and emerging cartoonists including Roz Chast, Mort Gerberg, Emily Flake, Bruce Eric Kaplan and Liana Finck, the films delves into the creative process, the delicate balances of humor and the mythos of the revered publication.

With its meditations on humor, creativity and life and many dozens of cartoons, Very Semi-Serious is both moving and delightful—unmissable for New Yorker fans.

Director, Leah Wolchok, USA, 2015, 83 minutes, English, Documentary


Congratulations to the 25th Annual San Diego Jewish Film Festival Winners

2015 Feature Winners

Best Narrative Feature:
Runner up: God's Slave directed by Joel Novoa
Winner: 24 Days, directed by Alexandre Arcady

Best Documentary Feature:
Runner up: Theodore Bikel, directed by John Lollas
Winner: Above and Beyond, directed by Roberta Grossman

Best Director:
Runner up: 24 Days, directed by Alexandre Arcady
Winner: Next to Her, directed by Asaf Korman

Special Jury Award:
Winner: Apples in the Desert, directed by Arik Labetzy, Matti Harari

Special Award for Excellence:
Winner: Little White Lie, directed by Lacey Schwartz

Best Feature Film:
Runner up: Suicide, directed by Benny Ferdman
Winner: The Art Dealer, directed by François Margolin

2015 Joyce Forum Winners

Best Documentary Short:
Runner up: White Mist, directed by Itay Netzer
Winner: Death and The Maiden, directed by Yael Lotem

Best Director:
Winner: The Funeral, directed by Nick Green

Best Narrative Short:
Runner up: Silent, directed by Jaco Dukes
Winner: In the Still of the Night, directed by Erich Steiner

Special Jury Award:
Runner up: Never A Bystander, directed by Evelyn Neuhaus
Winner: Of Many, directed by Linda G. Mills

Founders Award:
Winner: Raquel: A Marked Woman, directed by Gabriela Bohm

Best Short Film:
Winner: Ischler, directed by Attila Hartung

And the Audience Favorites Are...

Best Narrative Features (Top 5 in Order of Audience Ratings)
1. The Last Mentsch
2. 24 Days
3. Belle and Sebastian
4. Apples from the Desert
5. Run Boy Run

Best Documentary Features (Top 5 in Order of Audience Ratings)
1. Above and Beyond
2. The Pleasures of Being Out of Step
3. Letter to Wedgwood
4. Soft Vengeance
5. Theodore Bikel

Best Short Film:
The Cancer Mirror