Pedagogic Awards

The Lawrence Family Jewish Community Center Advanced Pedagogic Award recognizes Jewish community educators for the work that they have done outside the classroom. This includes participation in community seminars and individual professional development.

The certificate will be awarded at the Lawrence Family Jewish Community Center’s Year End Teacher Appreciation Celebration (June 4, 2016 – 5:00pm dinner!).

If a person has received an Advanced Pedagogic Award two years in a row, their name will be added to the Professional Development Honor Roll at the Lawrence Family Jewish Community Center.

Educators who are to receive the Advanced Pedagogic Awards will be notified. Their principal, rabbi and school and/or synagogue president will also be apprised.

The following are the categories and hour requirements for obtaining the Advanced Pedagogic Award for Educators:
CONGREGATIONAL SCHOOL Educator/DIRECTOR (PART TIME) need to obtain 35 hours; 
DAY SCHOOL Educator/DAY SCHOOL, CONGREGATIONAL & EARLY CHILDHOOD DIRECTOR (FULL TIME) need to obtain 50 hours. (See next page for additional requirements.)

These hours must be obtained within these four categories:

A. Advanced Jewish Learning
B. General Pedagogy
C. Teaching for the Community
D. Other

Click here for the application!

2015 Grinspoon Steinhardt Award Winner: Debby Stone

Debby’s mission and desire as a Jewish Educator is to teach students to love and embrace Judaism as lifelong learners. As a Jewish Educator, her personal aspirations are to implement the values, ethics, rituals, and tenants of our people so that students are compelled to continue the chain of Jewish living and knowledge that our ancestors have given us. In order to accurately educate and facilitate a love for learning in our students, she believes it is imperative that she, too, be a lifelong learner. She learns to teach and teaches to learn.

As a full-time teacher in the public schools, she is blessed to participate in constant ongoing in-service learning and professional development. The methods of classroom management, interactive learning techniques, inclusion of special needs children, sensitivity to bullying, fundamentals of reading instruction, and awareness of diversity, directly apply to her Jewish teaching at Temple Solel. The Jewish workshops she has taken have provided her with knowledge of God, Israel, and Torah.

Pedagogic Award Winners 2015-2016

Alan Alpert
Holly Gail Baumann
Barbara Birenbaum
Jessie Birnbaum
Sue Brown
Vanina Bunton
Becky Combest
Shiri Covalin
Ilana Czastkowski
Levana Dorzia
Elisheva Edelson
Karen Flexer Friedenberg
Ellen Fox
Annette Friend
Naomi Gabai-Fisher
Ruth Gach

Karen Hamm
Suzi Harris
Cathy Kamin
Sarah Katularu
Rebecca Levin
Dennis Masur
Jessica Meyer
Sandra Moll
Stefanie Retin
Jodi Rudick
Betsy Schneider
Belinda Singer
Lindsay Spector
Anne Spindel
Debby Stone
Esther Wulff

Past Grinspoon Winners

2014: Rochel Smoller
2013: Shelley Sloan
2012: Geula Hebron
2011: BeLinda Singer
2010: Linda Signer
2009: Gvira Abed
2008: Annette Friend
2007: Brenda Silvers
2006: Nomi Levy, z"l
2005: Anne Spindel
2004: Elisheva Edelson
2003: Karen Rund, Kathy Scott
2002: Shoshana Stotland, Edna Yedid
2001: Janet Rosenfield
2000 Estee Sery