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2014 Grinspoon Steinhardt Award Winner: Rochel Smoller

Rochel’s goal as an educator is for her students to feel passionate about their Jewish heritage. Her dream is for her students to grow up and be enthusiastic in their commitment to their communities- and in doing so, provide their children a Jewish education, be active in their synagogues, and support the good work of the community. This can only happen if their personal memories of their own Jewish education are rich and meaningful.

Her training began at an early age. As a young girl, she witnessed the commitment that her parents, Holocaust survivors, had for their children’s Jewish education. Both her parents worked at night, and her father even had a day job- to be able to afford to give the children a Jewish education.

As a 2nd Grade Judaic teacher at Chabad Hebrew Academy for the past 28 years, she has always worked in collaboration with the General Studies counterparts to plan strong, integrated lessons that are creative and meaningful on a daily basis. Her students are exposed to many disciplines: math, science, and history through her Torah curriculum and Jewish values. She wants her students to realize that being Jewish and knowledgeable of the world go hand-in-hand, and they can be a “light among the nations”.

"Morah Rochel does not just teach a class. She molds a community from disparate families to passionately pursue and live a life of Jewish values."

- Rabbi Josef Fradkin (Chabad Hebrew Academy, Head of School)

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