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2013 Grinspoon Steinhardt Award Winner: Shelley Sloan

Shelley Sloan was born in Israel. She studied education at Gimmaziat Haskaia in Tel Aviv. She and her husband moved to San Diego in 1962. She then enrolled and graduated with a degree in education from Mesa College.

Shelley has continued her education through the years, studying at the University of Judaism in L.A., the Tal Selah in New Jersey, CAJE, and the Melton School. She has taught at many schools throughout San Diego, influencing the lives of hundreds of children.

For the past 6 years, Shelley has been a master teacher at Temple Emanu-El, teaching Judaics to second graders, Hebrew to sixth graders, and tutoring B'nai Mitzvah students. Along with working in the school, Shelley has also taught the adult B'nai Mitzvah class.

Having never had the opportunity to become a Bat Mitzvah herself, she joined the class and became a Bat Mitzvah three years ago.

She is a beloved teacher, student and mentor.

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