Adult Education

Advanced Jewish Studies

We Are What We Remember

June 2, 2016, AM Session 10:00AM -- PM Session 7:00PM Lecturer: Professor Joellyn Zollman, UCSD Advanced Jewish Studies This new four-lesson course of the Florence Melton School of Adult Jewish Learning offers learners the opportunity to explore the significant impact of Jewish collective memory on the current and future status of worldwide Jewry. June 2 AM Class CBI June 9, 16 & 23 AM Classes JCC Library Lawrence Family Jewish Community Center – PM classes at JCC, J-Team Room

Tune Up Your Brain

June 28, July 5, 12, Tuesdays, 10:00AM Instructor: Professor Zev Bar-Lev Advanced Jewish Studies Each session will teach 4-5 “Key-letters,” with “Parallel” words & classic verses in several languages. In all, a dozen-plus languages will be covered. A “one-page dictionary” will be included, covering Semitic and Indo-European languages. Congregation Beth Israel, 9001 Towne Centre Drive, San Diego, CA 92122

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Mystery of Job

June 30, 2016, 10:00AM Lecturer: Janice Alper, DJRE Advance Jewish Studies The Book of Job is one of the most challenging and interesting in the bible. It contains some of the world’s greatest poetry as well as a number of ideas which provoke us into thinking about our lives today. Most importantly we will examine the universal ideas that emerge from such a work and its impact for today. AM CLASS Congregation Beth Israel, 9001 Towne Centre Drive, San Diego, CA 92122 PM CLASS JCC-JTeam Room

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Reflections in Fiction

July 1, 28 and Aug 4, 11,Thursdays 10:00-11:30AM, 4 sessions A journey highlighting critical periods in modern Jewish history, reflected through the lens of Jewish writers who chronicled the transition from the world of the Shtetl through pre-Holocaust denial, to the Kibbutz experiment and the socio-psychological issues encountered by Israelis today. Led by Dr. Nehama Aschkenasy.

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The Seven Rungs

July 19, 26 and Aug 2, Tuesdays, 10:00-11:30AM & 7:00-8:30PM -- 3 sessions In this three-part course, participants will be introduced to the art of Jewish meditation in theory and practice. In our first meeting, we will learn about the basic form and techniques of Zen meditation — sitting (zazen), walking (kinhin) and a variety of methods designed to help us get into the meditative state. The second meeting will be dedicated to the foundations and characteristics of Jewish forms of hitbonenut and kavanah, among others. The last session will aim at forging a dialogue between the two schools of meditation and form a holistic, integrative synthesis between the Jewish sources and roots (mainly Hebrew letters and key Hebrew words) and the Zen techniques and insights. Dr. David Barzilai

The Seven Rungs Price: $65;  JCC Member Price: $65 Buy Now

The Seven Rungs Price: $65;  JCC Member Price: $65 Buy Now

Foundations of Jewish Family

September 25, 2016, Sundays, 9:00-10:15AM At a time in a family’s life when a child is asking questions about his or her Jewish heritage, this rich learning experience provide you with the education, language, and confidence to be a teacher to your own children and support Jewish learning at home. Led by Jennifer Meltzer. FREE babysitting available.

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Former program of the Agency for Jewish Education
Co-Sponsored by Jewish Federation of San Diego County and The Leichtag Foundation.