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San Diego Center for Jewish Culture
The Gotthelf Art Gallery is pleased to present…

Seeing Is Believing: A Reinvention of Articles of Faith

March 11 - May 27, 2015

Be sure to see this inspiring exhibit now through May 27, 2015

Groups are welcome!

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This exhibition features artists who contemplate how faith meshes with contemporary life, the role of ritual and symbolism and the metamorphosis of traditional symbols as they become immersed into popular culture. Using materials and principles of design that place them firmly in the world of contemporary art, this show incorporates both traditional media and modern technologies. This exhibition is multicultural and addresses many faiths, presented in a manner that both entertains and challenges viewers.

Featured Artists: Michelangelo Buonarroti, Einar and Jamex De La Torre, Dave Ghilarducci, Paula Levine, and Cheryl Nickel

Curated by Artists: Debby and Larry Kline, winners of the 2013 San Diego Art Prize

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The Tour to The San Diego County Art Collection at The San Diego County Operations Center Was a Big Success

The San Diego Art Collection of commissioned and purchased works by outstanding local and internationally recognized artist provides a unique art experience. Installation pieces and works in metal, fabric, wood, glass, light, painting and more inspired and elevated on this unique tour of the facilities. We explored this hidden gem in Kearny Mesa with our special tour guide, La Jolla art consultant Gail Goldman, who created the art plan for this complex! Celebrated as the largest public art project in the county's history, the center's buildings and campus are graced with large-scale sculpture and art, representing 14 acclaimed artists. Several of the artists accompanied us on our tour.

About the Gotthelf Art Gallery


The Gotthelf Art Gallery is part of the San Diego Center for Jewish Culture and is devoted to expanding and enriching cultural life in San Diego by presenting the finest in Jewish artistic expressions, encouraging the preservation of Jewish culture and heritage, and nurturing new creativity in the arts.

Housed at the Lawrence Family Jewish Community Center, JACOBS FAMILY CAMPUS, this 1,000 square foot space offers the opportunity for the community at large to explore the richness and diversity of Jewish culture through exhibits that feature contemporary artists and a wide variety of visual media.